Welcome to PantryExpress! 

We are an online grocery company catering for corporate offices and households, operating in the Klang Valley. We believe we can assist companies and individuals save some valuable time by delivering their pantry/groceries supplies, currently a norm for many companies/individuals in Europe and North America to replenish their supplies.

Our pricing policy is attractive in the market place. It is a less expensive and a wiser option when you factor-in the costs of expensive manpower salary, precious employees’ time being assigned on less important tasks, ever-rising fuel price, wear and tear of vehicles, long traffic jams, time-spent to look for parking spots, parking costs, long queues at payment counters, heavy and bulky items to carry, etc.

We now carry products range from beverages (Milo, Nescafe..etc), toiletries, snacks, dairy and we are adding more products all time. If we do not have any items you required, please put your requests to us and we will see what we can do to assist you as we are more service oriented.